About Us

Corey and Danielle Wood

Humble Beginnings

Elixir isn’t your typical business startup. In 2015, our founders - two healthcare professionals - were given an opportunity to turn their countertop kombucha project into a business. It was a true “Go With Your Gut” scenario where we looked at each other and  asked “Are we doing this?!”. No business education or experience. Just a passion for gut health and a homebrewed product that was getting local attention. We launched Elixir in a kitchen incubator in Louisville, Kentucky and got to work.

Growing Fast

Fast forward a few years and the topics of Gut Health and Alcohol Moderation became mainstream, and Elixir really began to take off. We were awarded a Silver Medal for our Grapefruit kombucha and became the top selling local-based kombucha in all of Whole Foods Midwest. In 2023, we expanded our team and moved into a larger facility to keep up with demand.

Our Growing Team

Our Commitment

Even though the size of our production has grown exponentially, we still hold the same convictions that compelled us to launch Elixir. We create the tastiest gut health beverages out there, and we do so while honoring the craft of kombucha fermentation. Whether you’re looking to improve your gut health, moderate your alcohol consumption, or just simply enjoy a delicious, bubbly beverage, we have one piece of advice…Go With Your Gut.

Award-winning Grapefruit